Get Clarity With Ceramic Braces

Clear braces are a great alternative to traditional metal braces in Decatur. Clear braces come with translucent ceramic brackets, which is just a fancy way to say they blend in with the color of your natural smile.

A Clear Choice for a Brighter Smile

Clear braces at Clinebell & Anderson are designed to be less noticeable on your teeth. Many older teenagers and adult patients at Clinebell & Anderson prefer this subtler option because you can achieve a great smile with style.

Ceramic braces are often referred to as clear braces, tooth-colored braces, or aesthetic braces. At Clinebell & Anderson, we use them to treat your smile the same way as metal braces.

Our clear braces are made for a smaller fit on the tooth for discretion with nearly invisible tooth-colored polycrystalline ceramic material.

Though they're not completely invisible, and the brackets are about the same size and shape as metal braces, they’re much less noticeable for patients around Decatur. These ceramic options blend in well with your natural smile.

The Clear Difference Between Ceramic & Metal Braces

People are familiar with the famous strength and durability of metal braces. Ceramic braces are also tough, but they are made from a different, more fragile material. Because of this, clear braces are more likely to chip or crack.

Having said that, both types of braces work on the same principles and tend to be equally as effective in most cases. Clear braces while slightly more fragile, are still a very popular choice for those looking to brighten their smile. They are just as effective as metal braces with the added bonus of blending in perfectly with your smile for the duration of treatment.

Stay in the Clear With the Damon System

You may be worried about ceramic braces staining, but here at Clinebell & Anderson, we’ve taken measures to ensure your ceramic braces remain clean and clear.

The dental adhesive around ceramic brackets and the clear elastic ties that hold the wires in place can stain. This can give an overall impression of discoloration or staining over time.

Luckily, there are alternatives to help prevent the appearance of discoloration. At Clinebell & Anderson, we use a special brand of brackets specifically designed to remain stain-proof.

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The Damon System

The Damon® System is a line of braces that straighten teeth, correct bites, and help improve smiles with ease and speed. With this progressive orthodontic solution, adults and teens can undergo treatment to transform their smile in less time, with fewer appointments and greater comfort.

Traditional braces are tied in place with elastics, which cause friction and pressure, and often result in slower, less comfortable treatment. Damon® braces use an innovative slide mechanism to hold the wire in place, which allows teeth to move more freely, quickly, and comfortably.

Damon® Clear Brackets

The Damon® Clear bracket is made of a clear ceramic material that is stain-proof and virtually invisible. The Damon® Clear is the choice for adults or teens who are looking for something other than traditional metal braces but still want the great results that can be achieved with the Damon® System.

With Damon Clear Brackets and a good oral hygiene routine, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about giving up your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine. Just one way we try to take care of our patients at Clinebell & Anderson.

Transparent Payment Options

Your treatment fee at Clinebell & Anderson will vary depending on the complexity of your orthodontic treatment. Clinebell & Anderson can help you create a financial plan that fits your specific orthodontic needs, as well as your budget.

The good news is that we offer you flexible payment plans and automatic bank drafts, and we will also check with your Georgia insurance company for orthodontic benefits. Our goal is to provide outstanding value to Decatur and beyond for a reasonable fee.

At our office in Decatur, ceramic brackets cost a little more than metal brackets. One of the most significant factors impacting your total treatment cost at Clinebell & Anderson will be the materials we use for your braces.

We need to factor in the work it takes to put your braces on, adjust them, and remove them into your total treatment cost. Placing and removing ceramic braces demands more attention and technique from our experts at Clinebell & Anderson requiring more time.

Our treatment coordinators will be happy to go over the cost with you at your first free consultation at our office in Decatur.

Damon Clear Braces Woman Smiling

Get a Clear, Confident Smile

After a thorough orthodontic evaluation with Clinebell & Anderson, we can determine which treatment option will be best for you and your smile.

At Clinebell & Anderson, we generally think ceramic braces suit adults and older teens better than children and younger teens. This is because ceramic brackets are more likely to break, and they're more expensive than metal brackets.

Schedule a free consultation at our office in Decatur to learn if they may be right for you.